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Men's Retreat | Friday-Sunday, December 10-12

A weekend silent retreat is a time of quiet reflection and prayer, away from the daily routine, to look at one’s life in light of the life of Jesus Christ: to personally examine what is going well and what needs to change, to make resolutions, and to begin again. It is a moment to grow in awareness of God’s Fatherly love, which in turn leads one to grow more in trust and love of God and His will.

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“Days on retreat…in order to know God, to know yourself and so to make progress.” - St Josemaría Escrivá

Retreat Outline

The retreat starts at 9 pm on Friday night with supper and light refreshments and finishes on Sunday at 6:15 pm after a small meal.

If you have not done a retreat before at Lismullin and would like to talk to someone about it, feel free to contact feel free to contact Al Byrne (083 866 3345).

The retreat will include the following:

  • Ample time for personal prayer, reflection, spiritual guidance and the sacrament of confession
  • Insightful talks on aspects of the Catholic faith
  • Mass and adoration to the Blessed Sacrament

Theme for the weekend

  • Centrality of the Blessed Eucharist: who is Jesus for me and who am I for Jesus?
  • Where is God in my everyday life: how can I stay focused on what really matters?
  • How best can I prepare for marriage or remain happily married?
  • How can I be a better father, son, brother, colleague or friend?

Who is this retreat for?:

The retreat is for young professional men – finished college and started professional life (mid-to-late 20s / early 30s). Men who:

  • Have faith but realise they could deepen it and grow in their friendship with Christ
  • Want to be good Catholic men – saints! Saints who embrace their professional life and  family obligations... who love the world but don’t become worldly
  • Want to fill the hole in the heart that landing the job they want or having the nicest car doesn’t fill


  • You will have your own room with en-suite bathroom. Sheets and towels provided
  • All meals are provided, and you can make a cup of tea/coffee any time you wish
  • A full library of spiritual books available to you while you are doing the retreat
  • You can go for walks in the beautiful grounds


To pay, please click on the “Book Now” button below. The price of the retreat includes meals and accommodation. As part of EU bank security, you will be asked for verification when making any payment online. For this you will need your mobile phone to verify payment when you have inputted your credit card details.

If you are having trouble booking online, you are welcome to:

a) Email us directly with your request for booking. E: contact@lismullin.ie or call Anne at 087 2502227. You can then pay on your arrival to Lismullin.

b) Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to -
Fiuntas Centres CLG
IBAN: IE25 AIBK 9310 1225 1121 05

However, our policy is that no one should be discouraged from attending because of difficulty in paying. If you are unable to pay the full cost, it is sufficient to pay whatever you are able. We are very grateful to those who contribute over and above the cost of the retreat so as to help us continue this policy. You can donate here.

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December 10, 2021
8:00 pm
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