Christian Witness Seminar for Young Women (Beloved) | 2024

Christian Witness


Seminar for Women | Friday-Sunday, 23-25 February

Christians are called to serve as witnesses to the faith - to invite others to grow in their own relationship with God by the example of their actions and words. The Christian Witness Seminar delves into this in greater depth.

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This weekend residential seminar aims to inspire and encourage you to live the catholic faith today.

As well as stimulating talks you will have the time to exchange ideas and experiences with other participants who, like you, want to integrate their faith into their personal, social and professional lives.

This seminar is for women - single or dating - in their 20-30s.

It is not geared toward women who are married. If married, we recommend you check out Hearts+Minds overnight (March 9-10).



The Church needs people of all walks of life who strive for holiness every day. The Church in Ireland will thrive through the actions of those Baptised, women and men who are prepared and willing to bring the faith to the very centre of society.


Human virtues are essential for human and spiritual growth, particularly the role of our emotions in acting and reacting to our circumstances. In this session, we will look at what it means to mature emotionally and its benefits.


Whether you are dating intentionally or simply meandering, there are some things worth remembering when thinking seriously about the future and nurturing the values that you care about.



9pm - Registration. Informal gathering of all participants. 


9.15 am   Breakfast 

10.30 am   Keynote speaker - Bishop Phonsie Cullinan - The Future Catholic 

12.15 pm   Celebration of Mass 

1.15 pm   Midday Meal 

3.00 pm  Breakout Session 

4.30 pm  Session with Isabel Blanco - Benefits of Emotional Maturity

6.15 pm  Evening Meal 

7.15 pm  Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Afterwards, there will be time for people to pray. 

9.15 pm  Supper & Informal Get Together  


9.45 am  Breakfast 

10.45 am  Mass 

11.30 am  Session with Cliona Summers  - Is it worth dating intentionally? 

1.15 pm  Midday Meal 

End of Seminar 


To reserve a place, please click on the “Book Now” button.

The price of the full event is €216 (Student Price - €75), which includes:

  • Two nights stay in Lismullin Conference Centre
  • Three meals a day
  • Single rooms ensuite
  • Seminar content and resources.
Single-day ticket (Sat or Sun) available on the day at €25.

As part of EU bank security, you will be asked for verification when making any payment online. For this you will need your mobile phone to verify payment when you have inputted your credit card details.

‍‍If you are having trouble booking online, you are welcome to:

a) Email us directly with your request for booking. E: or call Anne at 087 2502227. You can then pay on your arrival to Lismullin.

b) Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to -

Account Name: Fiuntas Centres CLG / Lismullin Conference Centre
Address: Lismullin, Navan, Co Meath. C15 XW40
IBAN: IE06 AIBK 9321 8334 3401 69

However, our policy is that no one should be discouraged from attending because of difficulty in paying. If you are unable to pay the full cost, it is sufficient to pay whatever you are able. We are very grateful to those who contribute over and above the cost of the retreat so as to help us continue this policy. You can donate here.‍

February 23, 2024
9:00 pm
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